Angie Pearson, a long time sufferer of all things sinus and tonsil related, is now reformed. Due to armchair doctor knowledge, plain stubbornness, and extensive doctor badgering, she has fully recovered from the nightmare. Sinus and tonsillitis sufferers unite!

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Long Term Recovery…FIVE Years later!!

Well, it is now 2017, and I am five years post-op.  How on earth do I feel after all the pain, torture, and horror?


I have not had a single tonsilith, never had to worry about strep, and have only experienced a mild sore throat (when sick).  I would tell you to definitely do this if you have any doubts.  It was horrible, stinky, and downright upleasant, but DO IT.  It’s worth it.

Contact me with any queries…I am WILLING to help!

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Three Weeks Post Op Doc Visit – Getting Better (Even with the Funny Taste!)

Three Weeks Post Op Doc Visit - Getting Better (Even with the Funny Taste!)

I just had my three week post op visit. I must say that this has been a rather tough and unpleasant road, but I am definitely glad I did it.

So, what is it like to be at the three week post op mark? I feel relieved, but a bit frustrated. I still have some pain on one side of my throat when I eat. Also, I have a weird side effect called “taste disturbance”. So, what happens with “taste disturbance”?

My doctor informed me today that this was extremely common. Weirdly enough, in my research of tonsillectomy post op, some docs say it is very “rare”. Who knows. What doctors believe happens is that the tongue becomes stressed during surgery, and the tongue blades push up against the glossopharyngeal nerve. This is the ninth of the tenth cranial nerves. Basically, it can become an issue during eating.

So, now, certain things I eat have the weirdest taste. This includes chocolate, some liquids, and even chips. Everything just tastes odd. Be on the alert for this if you experience it. The doc told me today that it will take about three months for it to clear.

Suffice it to say, I still feel pretty tired and grumpy. However, I am better, and am grateful I did it. One of the things that has been the case for me is that I do not shy away from medical procedures that need to be done. I just hope and pray that this fixes my own issues.

Will keep posting on my progression as it comes!

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Two Weeks Post Op…DONT try to Eat Too Much!!

Ah, the two week mark.  Thankfully, the serious pain has leveled off.  Suffice it to say, that has not removed the discomfort of not being able to eat what I want.  I still am on the soft food, and I hope to move on to my favorites soon.

The doc has stated that my nose (since I had nasal surgery) is a swollen mess, which is exacerbating the headache and ear pain of the healing tonsillectomy.  So, that is really what the bulk of the pain is coming from!

I basically stick to nice baths and books.  These two things have saved my sanity.

So, remember one thing:  Find something you love and use that to relax.  Hopefully, you can find something to do that is more sedentary and peaceful.

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Day 5…the pain COMETH…and COMETH…and COMETH…


All I can say on day five, today, is WHOA.  The pain feels like it has decided to take up permanent residence, where it will promptly cause me to go insane.  I see a bed awaiting me at a psych ward any day now.  Ooooh.

I always like to think of myself as someone who can manage pain.  After suffering with these maladies (and other issues) for over 10 years, I thought I had experience.  Yeah, right.  This is not for the weak or timid.  Even the toughest among us would be knocked on their fanny with post-tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy pain.

I am having that pain that you get when you have redness and soreness.  It kind of feels like it is a little monster in the throat, stabbing you in awkward places.  Also, my uvula (the long corded tissue that hangs down in the back of the throat) is swollen to about thirty times it’s regular size.  It’s a miracle I can breathe.  Even my own doctor said “…it is really swollen.  It almost touches your tongue!  Be careful, there!”.  Sure – I will do that.  Breathing is definitely something I want to try and do (HA HA).

I also had the joy and pleasure of looking back into my throat this morning.  Ewwwww….it’s patchy and white.  Scabs are definitely forming.  I always feel like something is catching in my throat, and I am pretty sure it is those scabs and other issues.

The funny part about this whole thing is the wild dreams I get with the pain meds.  I always see everything in my dreams as if it is in electric colors – neon green, pink, etc.  It’s like I am ensconced in some kind of crazy and colorful sanitorium.  You know what I mean?  Hopefully…you do.  Otherwise, I might very well be losing my marbles!!!

Doc check up tomorrow…here is to good health.  Or, less pain.  Or, more sanity. 

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Recovery Time – Days 2 through 4

Well, days two through four were rather tough.  I definitely could feel the sensation of knives every single time I attempted to eat anything.  Popsicles became my wonderful friend, and they still very much are.  I wish with all my heart that they made an appropriate throat number.  Oh well.

One thing they do NOT tell you for your post-tonsillectomy recovery is how very important stool softeners and laxatives are.  The one thing docs need to inform their patients of is that not eating properly causes some serious issues.  STOCK UP ON FIBER!  Drink the Metamucil, use the stool softeners, and use the laxative.  Do whatever you have to do.  You do not want to deal with a pain like that if you do not have to.

Another issue I confronted was pain medication setbacks.  My pain was really bad, so I stupidly followed the directions on the bottle (“take 2 every four hours”).  Apparently, this was WAAAY too much for me, because I became very ill one evening after taking meds.  Needless to say, I was stuck in the bathroom for quite some time that evening.  I absolutely hate pain meds.  I am very grateful I have them, but it is a love-hate relationship.  It’s kind of like chocolates:  I love it, but I cannot stand what those addictive little devils do to my hips!  For shame!

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The Surgery Day!

The Surgery Day!.

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